Welcome to my world, my name is Camilla Renate but I go by Camilla in my day to day life. I am married to my soul mate and I love to travel all over the world when I can. You can never get enough of new impressions and memories. I also love the sun, I am a sun creature at heart.


Never thought that I would have a blog since I am a pretty private and introvert person. But here we are, this is meant as my little world and positive motivator in my  everyday life. Unfortunately I have been sick a lot this past year and never had top health since I was a teenager. So my blog posts will random a little now and then. I always try and keep my spirits up and focus on the positive things in life and this is my journey. Hope you want to come along and follow it with me.


If you find typos, grammatical errors, hyphenation mistakes etc. simply keep those, you don’t need to tell me about them. Not ashamed of saying that I have dyslexia and I write with the voice I have. When our former King Olav, the Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Albert Einstein lived fine with it, I think we should write with the voice we have, with or without typos. (I do not see my own just for the record.)

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I live on a farm in the middle of the woods in Norway, Vestfold County, with my husband and lots of kitties. So if you like cats you will get a lot of pictures of those here. I am interested in interior decorating and restoring the old farm back to the originally glory, books, clothing, nature and my Savannah cats, I’m also a very keen gardener. I plan to post a bit about all these things in my life. For some exercise for my  back and  try to keep me a little in shape when I’m not allowed to exercise by my Doc, I try and go for a walk every morning and have a little photo diary of these trips. Hope you want to join my morning my walks. I try to keep in shape as best I can and used to exercise more and hope I can get back to it again. I also try to take good care of my skin, I am going to have the same body and skin as long as I live so I try to keeping it as healthy as possible. The older you get the more care your body and skin needs. I am not in my 20s  any more so everything needs extra work. The wonders of aging you got to work for it, it don’t come free anymore. Suddenly one day it catches up to you and you need to ether take some extra care or just decide not to, it is a balance. Like most things in life.

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As a person rather regret something I did than regret not doing it at all. I believe in living in the here and now. In my teens I  learned the lesson that you don’t know how long you have on this planet and that this day today is your life. Not tomorrow, but today. That is why I said yes when a friend of mine asked me this fall if I wanted to be an underwear model for a local company at a large girls night party. I had not done it before, I had been on large doses of cortisone for 6 months with no exercise. Everybody had said no or canceled.  But if I had said no I regret doing it. So remember to live now, right this minute.


If you want to contact me as a private person please do so in the blog post.

If your a author, press or a company please contact me on email ( savannahnorway @ yahoo . com) or on Facebook.



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