I had to reblog this one, I found it very interesting.
The designers are artists too, so that the laws are so different are mindboggling really.

The Luxe Lookbook

Pretty soon, we may see some significant changes in the fashion show format. I previously covered that several designers announced their test runs of a see now, buy now format. And now the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has also decided to seriously consider a reformatting of the seasonal New York Fashion Weeks currently taking place in September and February.

CFDA Courtesy of CFDA

After failed efforts to get Congress to pass the Design Piracy and Prohibition Act to protect the work of designers, the CFDA has decided to take a different route to address not only the impacts of fast fashion, but also the growing gap between high fashion business tactics and consumer practices.

The organization has hired Boston Consulting Group to perform an in-depth analysis over the course of approximately six weeks. At the conclusion, they will provide CFDA with a recommendation for a long term way…

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