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Mike can’t believe his luck. The hottest girl in the world gives him the night of his life. And she isn’t even looking for a relationship; she runs off without giving him her number or asking for his.

Sixteen years later, Bella wakes up from a weird dream. Nothing’s been the same since she found out her husband cheated on her. Despite his protests that he was set up, and her heart’s desire to believe him, she’s determined to sign the divorce papers. Then she can put him and the past behind, and rebuild the life she sacrificed in order to become his wife.

Mike gets nightly visits from the woman of his dreams, and Bella keeps dreaming of the man who broke her heart. One chases a phantom, the other tries to exorcise a memory, but in the end they both ask for the same thing.

One last night.

My Review:

What an opening in a book wow! It blew my mind, your just right in there from first page and the  high pace just continues until last page.  This was a fresh of breath air, I have never read anything like it. The book is set in two different times the now and in 2030 with the same people now and then. I was just so captivated and intrigued I could not put it down. Book I read before this one I used 3WEEKS on 3 weeks…. I usually read 2-4 books a week so that was unheard of, it just dragged on and on and on. If it was not a freebie and a friends favorite I quite. What a nightmare, but this Oh this was a dream read. I read it in one sitting and I could not put it down. I cant say how wonderful that felt. WONDERFUL!

The characters were very well written and I loved them both. I feel I got to know them and got fond of the. You were told the story from both sides, Ana in the 2030 and Mike in 2015. Very smartly done and it worked perfectly.

Ana or Bella was smart, a genuinely nice person that was easy to like. I love her inner struggle and her strong feelings.

Mike what can I say, hot as they come and can cook! What’s not to like yes please!! I take 2 of him.

Heat level was supernova, good lord and yum. Oh my. Nobody can with bedroom or up the wall or on the floor whatever erotica like Sotia Lazu, you knows she delivers book after book and this one did not disappoint. Hot damn is all I am saying.

This reads almost like a CR but with a paranormal twist, you have the element of Magic in it that is to my liking. Also the back and forth in time worked very well.

Overall a great read, I enjoyed it very much and could not put it down.

So I am going 5 stars.

There are two other books in this universe. They are all stand alone and I read book 1 Magic Works. I see if I find my old review and post. Book 2 the tenant I have not read but I think I need to. because this is good universe to be in.

If you want to know more about Sotia Lazu here is here website.

Book not yet published but will be available in eBook and paperback, English only.

Link paperback on Amazon. and Ebook

(ARC= Advanced reader copy.)



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