He’s immersed in shadows—can she help him fight his way to the light?

Constable Kelly Appleton’s life turns upside down when her partner—the man she secretly loves—is shot. The lines between work and pleasure blur as she helps him recuperate, but frighteningly, his hold on reality loosens too.

After his brush with death, Nathaniel O’Leary questions everything—his life, his relationships, even his recent capture of a serial killer. When ghosts and an ominous shadow come calling, Nate struggles to stay grounded. Suddenly, keeping his hands off his sexy partner is the least of his problems.

As Kelly and Nathaniel work together to right a possible miscarriage of justice, they realize the shadow is a portent of death directly related to the serial killer. Terror strikes when the shadow reveals Kelly is the next target.

With evil closing in, can their love banish the shadows forever?

My Review:

Constable Kelly Appleton and her partner Nate O`Leary is out patrolling with a TV crew in the back when all hell breaks loose and Nate end up shoot and gravely wounded. Kelly that has a huge crush on her partner is at his side in hospital like a shadow. She then take on the responsibility of his rehabilitation when he is released from hospital and moves into his apartment for a week. This is a real hard situation when she is in love with him and he doesn’t do relationship. The sexual tension is sky rocketing to say the least.

 photo tumblr_m43gnwOmGb1qchdt0_zpsac208ade.gif

This is a crime/suspension/ romance book with a paranormal twist. It is really different from what I normally read but I absolutely liked it. We get the PVO from Kelly, Nate and the killer. I usually prefer PVO from only 1 person but this was pretty nicely done. It was quite creepy to be in the killer’s brain and he was a nutcase of dimensions.

Kelly I really liked her, she was kick ass and cool but with real emotions. I loved that she was 6ft tall and rocking it. She is very wary of Nate and their chemistry as she knows he doesn’t do relationships, she don’t want a fling with him.

Nate is scared after losing people in his life and therefore don’t do relationships at all. But he is so in love with Kelly but denies it for the longest time. He also struggles with visions/ghosts after he recovers from the coma.

I think the romance could have moved a little faster here, but when we got it was good stuff. The storyline itself as OK the killer was a creepy guy and the descriptions of the murders morbid stuff. I love morbid stuff.

The story could have been moving at a little faster pace but was all over pretty good. I read this book in 2 sittings in a busy Christmas preparations schedule. So I did like it a lot. I was also set in New Zealand and only the second book I have read there it was pretty exotic to me. I also found it interesting that they didn’t have armed police, we don’t have that in Norway ether. This is the first book I have read of this author and I did like her writing style very much, I am going to keep my eye on her.

I give this book 4 stars.

If you want to know more about this writer from New Zealand here is her website.

Book is available in both ebook and paperback English only here.


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