Worst book in history on so many levels. Bad author award to this one.

This was my review a while back:

I am a 67% and I think I am pretty done with it.

There is no actual story just sex and some really, REALLY bad Swedish that is driving me nuts. The writing in itself is pretty nice and if there were more of a story here I be on board with that. But and there is a big no here.

When an author decides to go the route with a foreign language, they need to remember at one point in time someone reads it that can understand that language. They need to get ahold of a native or someone that actually speaks it. There is not much that gets me more cranky than authors that use google translate when they write books… She may have had some help but there are some massive slip ups, I am really glad I found the translations from the author in the back because she had me really puzzled a couple time.. The translation guide in the back of the book gave me a good giggle fit when I read it so that was entertaining.

So here goes:
She uses Knulla dig as a swear word, it is a direct translation of Fk it. It is not a swearword here, we use Fk you or Fk it in English. Swearwords in Swedish is almost same as Norwegian and my personal fav that slips out to many times a day is Fy Faen in Swedish Fan and I think in Danish it is Satan, you can use Satan in Norwegian too. They all means some form of “may the devil take you!”
Knulla dig can not be used as a stand alone, you need to put it in a sentence like “I am going to” first then Knulla dig. That be: I am going to Fk you. With only Knulla! it be like Sex! Sex!

 photo 3116668_zpsab02033c.gif

So to my personal favorite, when I read this sentence I was like WTF??? That was good with the translation in the back here.
Jag har saknat att vara med dig, din Jävla. she translates it to: I miss being with you,fking you. But that is so not what it means. What is translates to is: I have missed being with you, you fuker/bastard. What a nice welcome home sentence, I get a divorce stat.
 photo parkssnubgifs-what_zps6979ad9f.gif

The other funny one is :Du är knulla magnifik, Josephine. Translated by author: You are fking magnificent, Josephine. This don’t mean a thing, it is an incomplete sentence. But the meaning we get from it are. Josepine you are fking awesome in bed.

 photo 849332_zps49c6785b.gif
OK. This Norwegian is done for now.

 photo 1518360_624646044262970_690106678_n_zpse4f21d75.jpg

When I was finishing up here with my links I saw this book was gone from all places and so was author. Then I came across this website.  I decided it was important to post the book review anyway, just to point out a horrible thing that happens from time to time. I have not read the original author and do not know how that book compares.

This is what not to do!! Fraud is fraud. Glad she is gone, she has a few books for sale on amazon but she has announced she has quite writing books. Smart move if you ask me.


  1. Thanks, I thought the review was so fun I reused it, But when stated checking it was pulled from Amazon and I was hmmmm. Then I found this so I just decided to post the whole thing.


  2. Thanks for the mention. Her plagiarism of my work aside, I completely agree that the books themselves are horrendous. The editing, the descriptors, the overuse of adverbs, all of it. Not to mention that they’re a patchwork of established vampire franchises populated with stolen fanfiction. (I won’t even get into the massive battle I had with this woman, who folded her tent like a coward and disappeared from the internet.) Now I’m giggling about the bad Swedish too. Better luck with your next book, I hope it’s more worth your time. 🙂


  3. I have a good ARC lined up fresh in my kindle So I think so.
    I almost died from her Swedish, it is the worst I have ever read in a book, so bad that without the index in the back I be lost. I saw she had a few books still on sale on Amazon, to bad. She sounds like quite the woman. She and he tent can go to Siberia for all I care. Hope she stays there. Very sorry you had this happen to you.


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