CR/ contemporary erotica with hot bikers. Spoiler in the review, fair warning.

I this new series we are taken into the biker world filled with hot macho men and their daughter and ol` ladies.
In this first installment we meet Doll, she is the daughter of the leader of the Hellions. She is shelter from birth in more ways than one. To try an get a date seems like an impossible task since she is off-limits to all the other club members.
In one of their club gatherings she meets Tripp.

Tripp is a hot man from a charter club, he has a real hot hair do, long on top with shaved on the sides. I personally loooove that kind of hair. He has lots of tattoos and is used to getting his way with the girls and drop them like yesterdays news after a good time. He gets the job to protect Doll and is warned to keep his hands off her. Tripp is HOT and I mean HOT!

 photo so-hot_zps99c5e86d.gif

The attraction is burning like a fewer and then the fun begins, this is a hot read and the sex scenes are really well written.

 photo G4_zpse3f2985c.gif

We are taken into the biker/MC world. A very macho world where the men have the final word and the girls “belong to” or are considered the property of the man, called an ol`lady or you are single. This is a really, really strange concept to me personally, I can`t even comprehend this kind of living. I am so used to equal rights in my life that it is bizarre to me that an other person has that much power over my life, and that you are considered the property of a man if not you are free game. I so could not be a female biker…

Oh Well, I am game for the romance here and the book is engaging with pretty good writing too. I was all game until Tripp did some stuff that I was not on board with.” Spoiler Alert a head: He did it with an other woman after he already had been in bed with Doll. This happened in a hallway and Doll saw it happen… When Doll then still goes along with the romance with Tripp I was not game anymore. I just don’t get it, I would not forgive a guy for that like EVER. So that ruined that romance for me really, I was like WTF after that.

 photo WTF_zpsd96b7f2c.gif

Since it was pretty well written, Tripp was an ass but kind of hot I am giving it 3,5 stars. I may read the next book to see what happens there, the set up was real good for that couple.

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