Welcome to a world where magic rules and the upper class are made of the people that has magic. The commoners and peasants without magic don’t have anything to say and are ruled to a feudal system similar to that of the medieval. The world here is really well written and fun to read about, the world building is great. We follow four people in this book Blaise, Augusta, Gala and Barson.

Blaise is an outcast, he is one of the most powerful sorcerers but he broke with the council after they executed his brother. He is now on a hunt to find a way so everybody can use magic not just the people born with the gift. He tries to make an object and is taken by surprise when he makes a “her” instead. A really gorgeous female to, that he names after his mother.

Gala don’t remember much before she finds herself naked on Blaise`s floor. She wants to experience the world and learn everything first hand. Blaise reluctantly place her with two older peasant women that took care of him when he was young. Gala is not the type to sit on her hands so to low profile she is instructed to have don’t last long. She suspect she is pretty much in love with Blaise too, even if he don’t believe her.

Augusta is Blaise`s ex fiancée, she miss him terribly and I suspect she want him back. Augusta starts out as a sweet woman, which now has a romance with the dashing Barson. That changes fast when she finds out about Gala and starts her crusade.

Barson is the dark bad boy and the highest military leader of this world. He doesn’t have magic but is a superb fighter and military strategist. Augusta is a catch he is real happy about and he wants her on his side, especially after the leader of the council tricked him into an ambush.
Branson I have to say was my favorite character in this book, what a hunk. He has the potential to be a future book boyfriend.
 photo tumblr_mdzw5bhRxs1qbtfb6o1_500_zps9d8817e7.jpg

The shift between the different people is pretty nicely done, they are divided into chapters and the chapter is named after the person we currently are with. It is really interesting to get to see all the sides in this story, we get the broad picture and can see everybody`s side of the situation.

The world and magic system is fabulously put together, the fun things the author has come up with are amazing and well described. Just like in the Krinkar books, that was one of my favorite things in them and we got plenty of it here too. I especially like the flying seat and wish I had one that would have been pretty neat.

I would classify this as High Fantasy as it is set in an imaginary world that does not exist in our world. There is a little romance but it follows the norm of UF with no sex or not much sex in it.
I really liked this book, the flow was good and it was difficult to put down. I had so pretty late nights reading it, I also liked the writing style. I am most definitely reading the next one.
I loved it and I give this book 4-4,5 stars.

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Book provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Available in eBook, audible and paperback English only. Free on amazon right now in Audible and eBook.

Want to know more about the Dima Zales here is his website and Anna Zaires here is her website.

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