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This was my first timetravel book and I was a bit unsure if that was for me or not, since I usually don’t like historical romances and book like that. But this totally blew my mind, my goodness it was just pure dark awesomeness and I love dark awesomeness. I was sitting on needles biting my nail all through the book. I could not see where this would end anywhere than tragedy before last page and wow was it good.

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We meet Lila, a real strong, smart and independent woman. She is out for revenge after her last jump partner abandoned her and she lost a leg. This is in a time where feelings are more or less forbidden and she thought she had feelings for him. Now she is going back with a new jump partner to get him back and deliver the justice.

Jared is stuck in the dark ages after his last jump. And it is not called the dark ages because there are little light there, nooooo. His stay there has given him a little to close an experience of this time period.
The bi-characters is also very interesting and I sure hope we meet up with them in future books. I would love to read more about the jump partner she had on this jump. I would love to read his story.

I had several episodes like this:

 photo ohgodbreakdown_zps257ac942.gif

 photo bbt-shld-bam_zps9f86f604.gif

 photo ajr9Abw_460sa_zps4a1ceba4.gif

The POV switch between Lila and Jared and it is done brilliantly with a chapter each and the name of the teller is on that chapter. The pictures the author paints in my head about the dark ages are powerful and I do not want to visit in real life anytime soon. The terror and darkness is so powerful it left me breathless. It is set in England right after the Romans left Londinium and England, now this part is ruled by the Saxons. I could not find any faults in this book, not that I am an expert but the author has done some real good background work and research here.

This is one of the best books I have read this year and it took me totally by surprise. I knew I adored this author before I picked this book up, but this just left me speechless in awe. This author is like extra tall chocolate cake with double chocolate topping with a touch of secret sauce that makes it the right kind of dope just for you!!! It is dark awesomeness and if you have not read it do so.

 photo fangirling_zps25bf0e80.gif

I give 5 gold stars, maybe platinum with diamonds on them.
And I want to have next book right now!!!

ARC provided by author for honest review.

Available only in eBook in English.

If you want to know more about the author here is her blog: Sofia Grey

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