Looking for a fast but extremely hot read? look no further because this one is hot and oh so delicious.

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This is the first in a three part serial from the talented Sotia Lazu, she writes hot steam like no other. I absolutely love her vampire series but I just joined her fan club for CR too.
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Colin is a shallow guy that only goes for supermodels, blond, tall and skinny supermodels. And he only does them once then he is done. He also does the occasional hot guy. He mostly lust for his bff that are so not into guys and he also just got a new girlfriend that is loud, short and not skinny. Absolutely not his type, but then why can’t he take his eyes off of her?

Becca is a fun, smart and all around awesome girl. I adore her, all girls should be as confident about their body as she is. I worship her for it.

Brand is Colin`s best friend and has always been pretty ordinarily boring until he meet the girl of his dreams
I absolutely loved this story, I didn’t read it, I ate it in one sitting and I can hardly wait until I get my hands on the next one, my goodness I think my kindle almost exploded from the heat while I read this.

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Sotia Lazu has a way with words that I love, they flow of the page and paint pretty pictures in my head. She is one of my favorite upcoming authors and on my auto buy list.
5 supernova hot stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Right now the ebook is also Free on amazon: Get it here!


If you want to know more about the author here is Sotia Lazu`s blog: http://www.sotialazu.com/blog/

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