Welcome to my world.

Never thought that I would have a blog since I am a pretty private and introvert person. But here we are, this meant as my little world and positive motivator in everyday life. Unfortunately I have been sick a lot this past year and never had top health since I was a teenager. So my blog posts will random a little now and then. I always try and keep your spirits up and focus on the positive things in life and this is my journey. Hope you want to come along and follow it with me.


Me at Verdens Ende ( Worlds End) in March, photo by my husband.


If you find typos, grammatical errors, hyphenation mistakes etc. simply keep those, you don’t need to tell me about them. Not ashamed of saying that I have dyslexia and I write with the voice I have. When our former King Olav, the Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Albert Einstein lived fine with it, I think we should write with the voice we have, with or without typos. (I do not see my own just for the record.)

I have named the blog Camilla Renate, I go by Camilla in my day to day life. Have not used Renate since elementary school where we were two in the same class named Camilla. But only Camilla was busy so it was both. But I used bot in my blog name as Camilla was already taken.


My fur baby Zuni.


I live on a farm in the middle of the woods in Norway, Vestfold County, with my husband and lots of kitties. So do you like cats you will get a lot of pictures of those here. I am interested in interior decorating and restoring the old farm back to the originally condition, books, clothing, nature and my Savannah cats, I’m also a very keen gardener. I plan to post a bit about all these things in my life. For some exercise for my  back and  try to keep me a little in shape when I’m not allowed to exercise by my Doc, I try and go for a walk every morning and have a little photo diary of these trips. Hope you want to join my morning my walks.

ferie gran canaria 2015 628

From one of my morning walks this fall.


We’ll start here then, this is an exciting journey I hope for both of us.




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